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    Description: Discussed the concepts of relative and absolute truth in the context of perspectivism. Delved somewhat into how understanding perspective and bias can help us to better understand our universe and perform well in our position as Jedi.

    Assignment: Read the following passage and answer the cooresponding questions. Post your responses in your Journal.

    “(1) Nothing violates our quality of life more than the threat posed by environmental pollution, and of all the sources of pollution, there is none quite as insidious as the corporation. (2) The trouble with the majority of companies is that they understand the problems we face rather well, but they are deaf to solutions, for they see through obscured lens, most principally concerned with the state of their pocketbooks. (3) They are open to solutions until the factor of credits becomes involved: then, with a smile they promise to adapt their corporate model within their budget to work on problems, only to fail to change anything of worth. (4) They run their advertising schemes showing how much “greener” they have become, how eco-friendly they really are, but meanwhile, they dump their poisons into the very air we breathe. (5) This my friends, is a travesty. (6) The Galactic Alliance recently released a study demonstrating that as many as thirty-eight percent of corporations are in moderate or severe violation of Galactic pollution codes, and only half of those corporations had taken any steps during the last five years to reduce their pollution output. (7) Ika’am Ikbar, the undersecretary to the President of the Galactic Environmental Watch (GEW), put it best in her statement at the Coruscanti Pollution Convention on 263.12: “For every minute we allow this problem, it becomes a little more difficult to solve…a pollution tax is the only way to stop this plague.” (8) And indeed it is, because when we deal with companies in our modern capitalist system, we must first remember that the only language they understand is money. (9) By imposing a small, nominal fee for every time a company violates environmental standards on any Alliance world, we would discourage these corporations from continuing to pollute our air and our land. (10) They would be forced to change their business models overnight. (11) Surely the public must come to see that this is the only way we can move forward, lest the health of our children be put at risk.”

    (1) Nothing violates our quality of life more than the threat posed by environmental pollution, and of all the sources of pollution, there is none quite as insidious as the corporation.

    1) The author’s perspective can be best described as…

    a) Neutral. The passage is unbiased and conveys accurate information.
    X b) Persuasive. The passage is biased and in favor of the idea mentioned.
    c) Persuasive. The passage is biased and against the idea mentioned.
    d) Persuasive. The passage is biased, but it is not clear which idea the author is in favor of.

    (3) They are open to solutions until the factor of credits becomes involved: then, with a smile they promise to adapt their corporate model within their budget to work on problems, only to fail to change anything of worth.

    2) Is sentence 3 an example of bias? Why or why not?

    a) Yes, because some companies do change things of worth.
    X b) Yes, because the author makes generalized statements that cannot be directly supported by facts.
    c) No, because the author does not include his own opinion.
    d) No, because some companies may indeed do what the author described in the sentence.

    (6) The Galactic Alliance recently released a study demonstrating that as many as thirty-eight percent of corporations are in moderate or severe violation of Galactic pollution codes, and only half of those corporations had taken any steps during the last five years to reduce their pollution output.

    3) Is sentence 6 an example of bias? Why or why not?

    a) Yes, because there is no information telling us how many companies are guility of minor violations, only moderate and severe ones.
    X b) Yes, because there is not a corresponding study showing information that supports the opposite side.
    c) No, because the author does not include his own opinion.
    d) No, because the government conducted the study.

    (7) Ika’am Ikbar, the undersecretary to the President of the Galactic Environmental Watch (GEW), put it best in her statement at the Coruscanti Pollution Convention on 263.12: “For every minute we allow this problem, it becomes a little more difficult to solve…a pollution tax is the only way to stop this plague.”

    4) The author used the quote in sentence 7 to:

    a) Show the other side of the story.
    X b) Justify his own opinion.
    c) Add more relevant information to the passage.
    d) Inform the reader about Ikbar’s position in the GEW.

    (11) Surely the public must come to see that this is the only way we can move forward, lest the health of our children be put at risk.”

    5) The author used sentence 11 mostly to invoke…

    a) Surprise
    b) Sadness
    c) Distrust
    X d) Fear


    I can fully see it now. The fact, that I’ve changed so much in last two years. I used to be way too much concerned about my past, being worried, maybe afraid of it even, which was hindering not only my training, but also me, as a person. Today is different, I don’t really ponder about my past, it faded away, and I’m leaving it forgotten, burried deep down in my subconscious mind, as it’s where it resides, as I believe. I finally can keep my top priority without unncessary hindering - my training, which always has been my priority.

    All that training & meditations I kept doing paid off as well, and probably played big deal of as to why I changed, my mind settled and i became at peace with myself and also with others. I might still be a loner, but I no longer suspect everyone to come and mock me, to make me look like complete fool, or something like that. I admit I used to have huge problem trusting others. To trust to anyone, be it my peers or Masters. And I also admit I might still have some room for improvement in this area, mainly towards the Masters, who I usually avoid on sight, unless it would look completelly rude to avoid them.

    I’ve been working on my sustained telekinesis a lot lately. With not as much success as I’d anticipate, but it might be just that I still need to improve my control. It’s getting better, needless to be said. This whole thing is about mindset, more than anything else. I’ve been practicing this for most part at night, next to meditation, which admittedly caused I came late for the History class. I of course apologized for my absence, but it seems that Master Alkorda wasn’t too much worried about my absence, telling me that I’m usually on time and present on his classes.

    Speaking of my training, I really need my Master to be back. I can keep up the practice and learning on my own, but as multiple people already pointed out to me, I can only do so much without proper instructions from more experienced Master. I’ve been set back due to my Master’s lack of presence last two years. I only got to see him few times, so we’d review some things and getting some new assignments, but that’s it. There’s so much I need to learn. And, as i mentioned, my training is my first priority, more than anything else. I might have to speak to miss Aayla when I manage to catch her less busy than last night, to seek her advice on how should I proceed. If anything, I hope she might have more informations as to where my Master is and when he would be coming back.

    History Class Assignment:
    Second Galactic Civil War & it’s Origin

    (Also known as Second Corellian Insurrection)

    After Yuuzhan vong conflict, Corellia was among few fortunate planets, which remained rather unscathered by the conflict. It’s economic power increased, as they began to offer loans to help to reconstruct the less fortunate planets. Corellia was prospering, and criminals like Thrackan Sal-Solo were forgaven, being even elected as system’s minister of War.

    Few years following, after the Yuuzhan Vong conflict, Corellia sought to pursue independancy again, growing and spreading, which was appealing to usual Corellian proud nature. Which is also when Corellia was delaying their contributions to GA, despite using GA’s infrastructure & trade benefits. slowly, but steadily, other, similary industrialized planets made signs of opposition - such as Commenor, Fondor and Bespin.

    In secrecy, Corellia began to produce a fleet of strenght, which could be compared to whole planet assault force. Adumar was their main provider, violating a GA law while doing so. Corellian scientists definitely didn’t slumber, as they were working to make ‘centerpoint Station’ operational. Corellia’s rebellion was growing, which led to imprisonment of people like Wedge Antilles, who was seen as threat by GA.

    Attack on Toryaz Station

    The relationship between Galactic alliance and Corellia were growing on intensity. It would look like that leaders of both parties would come to senses and come up, to a negotiation table, to try and settle the conflict, during peace talks. The Galactic Alliance chose to commence negotiations in the neutral setting of Kuat system. Nonetheless, the negotiations failed, as there was an attack on delegates, having Prime minister Saxan’s live fortfeit. It is documentated, that Dark Lady of Sith, Lumiya was the main figure, who made this conspiration to happen, to make sure that the Corellia and Galactic Alliance would be devoured from ongoing conflict.

    The same Sith was tracked down by Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and his apprentice, Ben Skywalker. Unfortunately, they both allowed themselves to be fooled by Lumiya, she eventually succeeded in turning Solo to the Dark Side, deluding his mind completelly. To cover up existence of Lumiya, Solo wiped out memory of his apprentice and that led to Solo’s ireversable change and his next fate.

    Personal Conclusion

    I believe that Corellia’s position after Yuuzhan Vong war led to the Second Galactic Civil war, next to their will to take their independancy by force. But, to be fair, neither side chose the best approach, at least in my opinion. GA chose to imprison representative of Corellia by pure assumption he would be a threat, before the conflict itself even spreaded out.

    And, another factor, which helped to pour oil to already burning flames, was conspiracy made up by Lumiya, the Sith Assassin, responsible for attacking the delegates and killing Prime Minister Saxan during the peace talks between GA and Corellia. And lastly, Solo’s turning to the Dark Side only fed the whole conflict, making it more violent, than it would be.

    I’m finishing this entry for now. Johauna out.


    The Yuuzhan Vong

    The Yuuzhan Vong - Species, which are different from anything I’ve read about so far. That is why I decided to do my assignment about them, as they are interesting in some way, even tho they may sound a bit creepy. Yuuzhan Vong are humanoid race, however, they have less hair, next to being heavier and taller build. Another difference from average human would be longer life-span, they usually had two or three times longer life-span than humans. Another rather interesting fact was, that they are ‘absent’ in the Force, or to be more exact, the Force exists within them, but on another level, for lack of better words. A Jedi would be unable to determine their intentions, truthfulness or motives with the Force.

    The Yuuzhan Vong originate from another galaxy and their existence was unknown to us for very long time. Their original homeworld was called Yuuzhan’tar, which means “Créche of the Gods, the planet and name being a ‘template’ for Yuuzhan Vong deities. Althought, the planet was destroyed thousands of years before Yuuzhan Vong even invaded our galaxy.

    Informations onto Yuuzhan Vong’s history are a bit vague, but it seems that they used to live in true symbiosis with their homeworld, and they even were Force-sensitive. Their technology was organic for most part. It is believed that being caught in the middle of war of two droid civilizations kind of made them hostile towards any non-organic technologies, next to becoming very xenophobic against other sentient beings. During conflicts, the Yuuzhan Vong became very war-like.


    Yuuzhan Vong were religious zealots. Everything was centered around their deities, their warriors took huge importance of pain and suffering. Apparently, it was not the motive of pain itself, they accepted pain as common state of existence. Then there was importance of sacrifice. Their belief was, that their gods had to sacrifice their bodies in order to create the galaxy, so the Yuuzhan Vong sacrificed their bodies for a greater purpose. It was pretty common that the Yuuzhan Vong were scarred and heavily tattooed. The more elite warrior it was, the more graft organs from other creatures they had. Although, it ocassionally happened, that the body rejected such implants, and these yuuzhan Vongs would either die or become a Shamed One.

    Families held huge importance for Yuuzhan Vongs. These families were called ‘Domains’ and some Domains were more powerful than the others. Additionally, due to Yuuzhan Vongs being rigidly caste-based, relationships between two castes were considered forbidden.


    The Yuuzhan Vong society worked on caste-system. Each caste has specific tasks, for lack of better words.

    Supreme Overlord

    The highest caste, which would be in control of lower castes. Only one, single individual would have this ‘function’

    Shaper caste

    Shapers would be closest to engineers and technicians in the society of Yuuzhan Vong. They were supervising the biotechnology of the Yuuzhan Vong, with main focus on creation and development of their organic technology.

    Priest caste

    Considering the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong were strictly theocratic society, the Priest caste had huge impact on the society. They contained several sects, each of them worshipping a different Yuuzhan Vong deity. On personal note, I’m slightly curious if they had any rivalry among them, as I didn’t find any informations regarding this.

    Warrior caste

    The main body of the Yuuzhan Vong’s military. Members of Warrior caste would train from early age, in order to be able to fulfill their further duties in combat. It is known that members of this caste were far more agressive than the average Yuuzhan Vong, even tho I personally think that their society, as it worked was quite agressive in itself.

    Intendant caste

    This caste worked to keep the society of Yuuzhan Vong fully functional, economy-wise. They could be seen as traders, bureucratic, and they were in charge of commerce and things related to that. What is interesting, all other castes had their own deity and war-cry, however this one lacked both of those aspects. This caste was one of the smallest ones.

    Worker caste

    This caste was the largest, but also on the bottom of the Yuuzhan Vong caste system. Those contained of workers, slaves and also the Shamed Ones, which I mentioned earlier. It would be those, whose’s bodies rejected implants - as without them, they would be seen as weak and thus worthless in the eyes of average Yuuzhan Vong.


    It is interesting to note down, that entire Yuuzhan Vong technology was purely organic. from starships, weapons to even simply, every-day objects, everything was organic. I have to admit it sounds a bit creepy. The Yuuzhan Vong were very hostile against droids, electronics and basically anything manufactured, anything which didn’t have the organic origin.

    I hope that this brief summary will do for the assignment. On personal note, this subject was interesting, and I certainly enjoyed reading about Yuuzhan Vong.


    Master Stomi came back to resupply and probably even catch his breath, before he ships out again. I met him the other night in the cantina, as I went to have my evening caf, shortly after I finished the necessary meditation. I’ve been staying in the Temple lately, to make sure that I get some extra rest, before I return to things in full swing, because as one wise Jedi Knight said, training is not a race with others. Anyways, I was glad to see my Master, he even seemed to enjoy my latest assignment on The most true Jedi. I might not be as good with words, but it’s the intent and idea behind, which counts.

    My Master and me spoke for quite a while, it seems that latest events kept him really busy. Holonet is full of rather alarming news, so I bet that the Jedi High Council is not dormant on it and are doing what they can to settle the situation.Nonetheless - my Master had an exercise for me in store, so as soon as I finished my caf (and I did hurry), we went outside, to the Academy’s gardens. It was already pretty solid dark out there, which played into my Master’s hands. As he mentioned, Jedi sometimes needs to solve the problem discreetly. Without causing too much noise and without confrontation. Which is why he had me to practice some sort of stealth and also an awareness exercise. It put both my physical and Force related senses to test. I was supposed to get a holodroid to safety, into the Temple, through main door. My Master served as ‘obstacle’ there - he kept shooting at me, to make it harder for me. I went about it, using the terrain, to hide myself and the droid, but I think senses of my Master were at work as well. He has quite good aim as well, so it got quite challenging. At first, he was on the top of the shrine, which gave him good overview across whole area. Even tho, I chose the route hidden by trees and bushes, not to mention the shadows.

    Despite the effort, it took me about four attempts to get it right, with my Master changing location of the holodroid, and him changing the location where he shoot at me from, whenever he spotted me. This whole exercise was interesting, as there’s no doubt that I might come into situation when I’ll be glad for going through exercises like this. As a Jedi, resorting to violence should be the last thing, let alone killing someone. While I don’t deny the fact it may be necessary at times, I certainly don’t want to become rash and quick on acting, when it comes to facing an opponent directly, with my lightsaber. Every Jedi values life, well or they should. Swinging our lightsabers is not what makes us a Jedi. It’s the mindset, attitude and philosophy what does.

    I spent good portion of night doing research for my next written assignment from my Master. This time, he has me to look up an galactic-wide event of my own choice, to summarize it with my own words, to think about it, how it affected the galaxy then and how it affects the galaxy now. And, if I choose a war, i should write down the sides, result of the war as well as what could possibly be done to prevent the war. I actually discussed my new assignment with Azra’el while sharing a dinner with him - I couldn’t resist his offer on good stew and Uj Cake. He told me to write about Great Hyperspace War, as i wasn’t decided by then as to what I was going to write about. I was considering three events - Clone Wars and their impact on the Galaxy, Yuuzhan Vong war and then First Jedi Purge. I decided to go for Clone Wars Era, as they influenced the Galaxy as well as our Order.

    (22 BBY - 19 BBY)


    Confederacy of Independent Systems

    Notable Leaders

    Count Dooku
    Darth Sidious
    General Grievous

    Confederacy of Independent Systems (or CIS) was formed on 24 BBY, publically led by Count Dooku. Their aim was to separate from the Republic, and they consisted of various planetary governments and megacorporations. Many saw that the government body of the Republic was failing and thus joined the cause and to try and to separate from the Republic. The wave of dissatisfaction raised, as soon as the Galactic Senate approved placing taxes to trade routes to Outer Rim systems.

    Which is when a former Jedi, known as Count Dooku stepped in. Due to him being charismatic, his anti-Republic attitude caught ears of others, and soon Dooku got many supporters and followers. Not long after, he got enough separatists to try and form a new government, known under the name of Confederacy of Independent Systems - which became formally opposed to the Galactic Republic. Althought, the Republic refused to even consider formally acknowledge the existence of CIS. This would de-facto legitimize them, which was not what the Republic wanted, by far.

    Organization & military

    The CIS itself was controlled by Viceroy Nute Gunray, a leader of trade Federation, then Inter-Galactic Banking clan led by Chairman San Hill and lastly, another notable part of the governing body, the Techno Union, led by Foreman Wat Tambor. Neither of them were well suited to become generals, as they were more interested in business and credits. So the only notable political leaders of CIS, capable of leading the campaign from the military perspective would be Dooku, Poggle the Lesser and Nute Gunray.

    They believed that their technical superiority would win the war for them. The Army consisted of many battle-droids, wastly outnumbering the forces of the Republic. Droidekas were capable of neutralizing the jedi, however, there was also weak spot in the CIS army, like the B1 Battle Droids. Their poor programming caused that the CIS lost many battles, which would be considered as lost otherwise. Another notable part of CIS government - General Grievous - was a leader of Droid Army, a cyborg with the mind of tactician and with strong, armored body. Grievous won many battles, turning the war in favour of CIS.

    Another effective commander was Assajj Ventress, an assassin and apprentice to Dooku, next to bounty hunter Durge. There were another ones, like general Whorm Loathson, General Oro Dassyne, General Lok Durd and Commander Merai.

    The Galactic Republic

    The Republic was formed around 25 000 BBY, by signing of the Galactic Constitution. It existed throughfully the whole history, until forming of the Empire in 19 BBY. The Republic was commonly led by Supreme Chancellor, with democratic approach, existing for over twenty-five thousand years. The last years of the ‘Old Republic’ could be seen as very bureucratic, the Galactic Senate being devoured by corruption.

    Galactic Republic Military

    Early days of existence of the Republic were far from peaceful, as they expanded across the galaxy, they encountered many species, who were very war-like. The Republic government body realized that they needed an Army and Navy, to ensure the peace to their worlds. However, things changed after Battle of Ruusan, as most of the military forces were decomissioned, leaving the Republic only with the necessary small military forces, to uphold the ideals of being peaceful. This small military force was later known as Judicial Department.

    The Republic was relying mainly on the Jedi Knights, to uphold the peace, their “keepers of the peace”.

    Everything took a swift change once the Clone Wars begun. The Republic itself had no standing forces to fight the CIS, so the Military Creation Act was proposed. It met strong opposition of several Senators, such as Padme Amidala, who was afraid of possibility of war. Without knowledge of many, the Clone Army was already being created on Kamino. Once it became painfully clear that the CIS had no interest in peaceful negotiations, the Clone Army became main fighting body of the Republic.

    The Clones were some sort of controversy, as they were seen as nothing more than slaves by some, and at the other side, others giving them sympathy and comradery. It is believed to be one of mistakes the Republic made, that they relied on the Clone troops way too much.

    The Conflict

    Althought the Clone Wars started ‘officially’ in 22 BBY, with battle on Geonosis, it is disputed, that the first seed of it was put in ten years earlier, with the infamous Naboo Blockade, when the Trade Federation tried to invade Naboo, due to being unsatisfied with taxation of Outer Rim trade routes. It concluded with Senator Palpatine being elected into lead to the Republic, with promise of getting rid of the Senate corruption, which was a huge problem and devouring the Republic from inside.

    The Trade federation’s de-militarization was seen as nothing more than slap on a wrist by many, and Senator Palpatine did very little to make his promises true. Nute Gunray, the leader of Trade Federation went basically unpunished, to dissatisfaction of many, mainly the Naboo residents. Palpatine didn’t slumber. He played his role as the Supreme Chancellor and then his role as Sith Lord, unseen by others. He put things into move, contacted Dooku, who eventually became his apprentice, after loss of Darth Maul, who was killed by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (padawan by this time). Dooku was ideal figure for Palpatine, he used the fact that his faith in the Republic was heavily shakened and once Dooku killed his Jedi friend, his fate was decided.

    Around this time, Dooku destroyed all evidence in the Archives about Kamino. He didn’t want to reveal the Clone Army to the Jedi, as it was secretly growing on Kamino in last few years. Dooku also hired Jango Fett, to serve as a ‘template’ for the Clone Army troops.

    Palpatine’s term as a Supreme Chancellor was over in 24 BBY, which is exactly the time when Dooku appeared, declaring the existence of opposing force, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This lead to Palpatine being allowed to stay in office longer, than the Constitution allowed, as the Republic Government body was afraid of events which could happen, should the CIS make way too much influence.

    In next two years, many systems left the Republic, to help the Confederacy. from the notable ones, it was Geonosis, Tynna, Sy Myrth and Yag’Dhul. There were another ones, such as Elrood Danjar, Tantra and Sluis sectors, bringing most of the ‘Rimward leg’ of Rimma Trade Route under the control of CIS. They managed to get control over many Trade Routes and also agricultural worlds, which put the CIS into advantage.

    There would be others, who would join the cause of the Confederacy of Independent Systems: The Baktoid Armor Workshop, the Commerce Guild, the Corporate Alliance, the Techno Union, the Inter-Galactic Banking clan and infamous Trade Federation. Coruscant was suffering from terrorist’s attacks, which led to proposal of Military Creation Act, which would legalize the creation of Republic Army. Things went further, once there was second attempt to kill Senator Amidala. Jedi Order sent in two Jedi to investigate who was behind the attacks, which led Master Kenobi to Kamino, where he found out truth about the Clone Army. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker was sent to Naboo to keep an eye on Senator Amidala.

    Master Kenobi tracked Jango Fett, who escaped to Geonosis soon after. He was followed by the Jedi Master - and he got captured soon after he sent a message to the Jedi Council. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala are told to remain on Tatooine (it is recorded that Skywalker travelled there without approval of the Council, for personal reasons). Although, Senator Amidala decided to go and try to rescue Master Kenobi, which led to both her and Skywalker to be captured as well, soon ordered to be executed along with Master Kenobi.

    Back on Coruscant, a gungan by name of Jar-Jar Binks was manipulated to propose to give Chancellor Palpatine emergency rights, which would make him basically a dictator. Despite the controversary of such decision, Palpatine got the emergency rights and legalized creation of the clone army, to serve in further Grand Army of the Republic.

    The Confederacy didn’t slumber either, they were getting allies of various kind. Dooku himself was looking for Force-sensitive individuals, the most notable ones being Assajj Ventress and even Jedi Master Quinlan Vos for a time. Also, one of the most notable commanders was recruited during that time, General Grievous, formely known as Qymaen Jai Sheelal, who originated from Kaleesh species, however, his body was awfully wounded in a shuttle-crash (according to Archives it was all Dooku’s set up, which Grievous did not know). It is rumored that the crash and the wrongs made on him, which led to Grievous taking up the offer and leading the Droid Army.

    Battle of Geonosis

    Officially the first battle of Clone wars, it took place after Kenobi, Skywalker and Senator Amidala were captured by the separatist forces and charged with spying for the Republic. They were to be executed. The rescue attempt of Kenobi and Senator Amidala ended up in failure, as I mentioned before, and they ended up captured as well. It would seem like all three of them would be killed by Super Battle droids, once they managed to free themselves and defeat the creatures which were sent into the infamous Geonosis Arena, for the amusement of Nute Gunray and other separatist leaders.

    However, the Jedi attacked the Arena, being led by Jedi Master Mace Windu. They managed to hold their ground, but many Jedi were killed during the battle. Only a handful would remain alive, but they were rescued by the arriving reinforcements, consisting of the Clone troopers, led by Jedi Master Yoda. The coin would turn itself with Master Yoda’s arrival, the separatist leaders were forced to flee, Dooku being one of them, who also had plans for building a battle station further known as Death Star. Kenobi with Skywalker followed Dooku and faced him. However, Dooku managed to defeat both Jedi, only having Master Yoda to fight him. seeing that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Master Yoda as easily, he resorted to trickery and managed to escape.

    I feel need to mention, that the Battle of Geonosis wasn’t taking place just on the ground. There was huge space battle as well, the Republic forces being led by Adi Gallia, next to subterraen battle mostly led by clone commandos, mainly the Delta Squad. They managed to defeat several geonosisn leaders during the battle.

    While the Republic forces managed to win the battle, the Jedi Master Yoda hardly saw it as victory. It was beginning of huge galactic civil war, a war which led to many lives being lost, on both sides of the conflict. As it would be foolish to believe that only the armed forces were those dying, there were also the civilians, who inhabited both CIS and Republic systems.


    Many suffered, the conflict was spreading across the galaxy and there was probably no-one who wouldn’t be affected by the conflict. Grievous and Dooku were not hesitant to do anythnig in order to win the war. Many attrocities were caused by both of them, followed by Palpatine’s hidden plans and intentions, while playing the ‘good guy’ in the republic Senate. The Republic was losing, becoming scattered, and I believe most of us cannot even imagine massacre of such scale. I could note down all notable battles, but I believe that the point to be made is to show how nasty this war was, how many lives were lost. For me, as a Jedi, that is something I’d never want to happen, yet the history knows no regret nor remorse, and I cannot undo what happened.

    Palpatine had all of this planned, and as scary as it may sound, his plan was literally brilliant. He had to get all of his plans thought out throughfully, with all possible events, which could take place. From my studies, it seems that he knew everything and all what happened was his set up. From the beginning of the Clone Wars, seducing Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side, to his own capture by Grievous.

    End of War & aftermath

    The Clone wars neared their end after disastrous three years, during battle of Kashyyk, as soon as Anakin Skywalker pledged his allegiance to the Sith lord. Palpatine announced the formation of the Galactic Empire, manipulating Senators to give him even huge applause. Anakin Skywalker, leading the 501st Legion, entered the Jedi temple and massacred anyone he and the 501st Legion found. They didn’t spare anyone. From seasoned Jedi Knights and Masters to smallest Jedi younglings. Palpatine ordered the clone troopers to execute ‘Order 66′, which was basically to eliminate all Jedi. The days of the Jedi Order seemed to be concluded.

    It is nearly impossible to determine how many Jedi survived the Order 66. The resources about this are rather vague, probably due to fact that Palpatine tried to erase the last remnants of Jedi from the face of galaxy. The war was officially ended once the Galactic Empire was formed, Palpatine proclaiming himself Emperor and ordering that the battle droids would be shut down.

    The Old Republic, as it was known ceased to exist, next to old Jedi Order.

    My conclusion

    The Clone Wars influenced the galaxy a lot. One could say that it were just three years, yet, these three years managed to change the face of galaxy forever. If it wasn’t for this war, it would be highly possible that Palpatine would not get opportunity to receive emergency rights in the Senate, thus he would not gather such power above the Republic. There would not be so many lost if this war didn’t take place. And, if Palpatine was relieved of his powers as he should, according to old Constitution, the war could possibly be solved the other way, as most of what happened was purely Palpatine’s doing, with Dooku being his pawn.

    This war caused that the Old republic ceased to exist, with all of it’s democratic principles, along with the Jedi Order disappearing, with all of their traditions. Palpatine with his new apprentice, Anakin Skywalker managed to wipe out most of the informations about the Jedi Order, killing any Jedi they encountered. During the Empire Era, most people, in the upcoming years, thought that the Force was just a myth for example. Or nonsense, according to famous Corellian, Han Solo, who never even believed in existence of the Force.

    How did this influence the whole galaxy? Well, for one, if it wasn’t for this war, the Galactic Empire would probably not be formed. So, we could easily be living in the Old republic until now. The Jedi Order would never disappear, so we would know most of it’s traditions. It’s known that even up to these days, we are not entirely knowledgeable of how the old Jedi Order worked. Would things be better? Well, if anything, there would be many lives saved. Other than that, I don’t even dare to make assumptions how things were for real during that period. Everything I wrote here is based on articles in the Archive, so it may be slightly limited to even judge or make assumptions of such kind.

    Could all of this be prevented? It’s very complicated, with all of this being set up of one single man. When new Supreme Chancellor vote was called, things could go differently, if Palpatine wasn’t voted in. But, on the other side, wasn’t even this voting first of his plans? Him using his charisma, combined with the use of the Force, he could easily achieve anything he wanted. And, he was rather careful, as nobody noticed something was out of place. Well, even the Jedi Council was fooled by Palpatine. However, there’s only way I can see this stopping from happening - if Palpatine was not voted in, he would not get an opportunity to legally assume such power. The other thing would be stopping the Jedi Purge, which would be possible, if Anakin Skywalker was able to kill Palpatine, when he had the chance to do so. That would not prevent the Clone Wars themselves from happening, as Skywalker found out who Palpatine was near the end of the Clone Wars, but the choice if he would kill Master Windu or Palpatine could at least prevent the forming of Empire, thus saving another good deal of lives, across the galaxy. As to what role Skywalker fulfilled in this… I do not believe it’s all his doing. It’s him being fooled just like the Jedi Council was, mixed with his fear from loss of person he loved. This became his weakness, and that ultimatelly led to Skywalker becoming mere pawn in hands of Palpatine.

    Nonetheless, it was interesting to read and write up this. It makes us more aware of mistakes of our Jedi brethren and also other sentient beings. History can be a good teacher, if people are willing to listen. Sadly, as it was often proven, sentient beings tend to repeat their own mistakes. This is something that we have to overcome, to learn from the history, from those, who left us their legacies.

    As it’s said: There’s no ignorance, there’s knowledge.

    I’m getting slightly stiff from all this sitting, so time to do something more lively for now.


    I spent last two days with getting back to usual training routine. Things go rather smoothly, which is good. There were few things which happened during last cycle. For starters, Moza is now a Jedi Knight. Maybe relatively old news for most of my fellow peers, but I found out not that long ago. I have to give him credit, he did mature in past years. It still brings smile on my face, whenever I think of how we were unable to put up with each other in the past. And Moza’s assignment, where he called me the second most annoying person in the temple and then I had to stick around Moza whenever either of us were not doing ‘private’ stuff. I wanted to eat both Moza and his Master for that way back then. Now, I just laugh about it. Me and Moza spoke last night, in fact, thinking about all these years.

    We both realized that in last six years, we changed. The time flew so fast in these years. It felt like it was yesterday, when I was initiated into the Jedi Order. and then two years after that, give or take, I was taken on as Master Stomi’s Padawan. Can’t believe it’s been nearly four years into our training together. Even tho my Master has been busy a lot due to missions on Coruscant in last year and half, so we didn’t spend as much time together as it would be expected from Master and Padawan pair.

    I realized that I became far more calm and relaxed over these years. In past, I used to get angry for every silly thing. Now, I just shrug it off, I am more at peace with myself. And I think some people, who actually spend some time with me already noticed that slow, but steady change. What didn’t change at all is my will to continue my Jedi training, it was always my top priority, since I was initiated. People, visitors, new Initiates, all changed in last six years. I remember Tescha, who was my first friend. Force knows where she went, despite her being initiated day after me. Then there are people who are still around, who have been my steady friends. Kenta for one, Nira for another. Then there’s Azra’el. We share some common ground, which is what brought us together. I shouldn’t forget Kael, even tho we were distant to each other in these past few cycles.

    My friendship with Kenta is something, what may look a bit weird in eyes of others. Well, those who do not know us. we tend to pull pranks on each other, and it was fun to chase each other across the gardens last night. It could look like we were just messing around, but in fact, we used the Force to enhance our physical capabilities, we were running, so it served as good physical training, not to mention ability of perception, because we both tended to hide and use the terrain to our advantage, to surprise each other. Well, Nira didn’t get that idea of unwinding as he was standing there and just having hard time believing what me and Kenta were doing, but I certainly had a good laugh with him. all in all, it was some sort of funny exercise, even tho casual visitors of the temple would think we decreased our age back to five.

    What struck me last night as well was the fact, that I found out what happened to Yrael. It seems that he took law into his own hands and killed some criminals on Coruscant. But, murder is still a murder. He apparently came back to the Temple and turned himself in to the authorities. So, he ended up in prison. I was somewhat saddened by this, as I always felt for the boy and wanted to help him. Sadly, he never allowed anyone to do so, he never opened up. He was hidding behind his ‘annoying’ mask all the time, probably to drive people away. I’m still in hoped that once he’d be released from the prison, he would change and then come back to finish his Jedi training. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, if they wish so.

    I should mention that I had to withdraw my participation from the Apprentice tournament (due to being ill last cycle), so Kaelen, who was suposed to be my opponent won the match by default. It’s really shame, I hoped to go at least for third place, because I was somewhat sure that if I put effort to it, I’d be able to accomplish this. It would prove to me that my years I focused on combat and lightsaber arts were worth it. I’m pretty certain that I’d not be much of Consular type - all these negotiations, politics, talks and diplomacy - not my thing.

    I haven’t heard from my Master in last two cycles, give or take. I hope he is all fine and safe and that he will send me some message or anything soon - even if it would be another written essay to do, as that’d confirm he is still fine.

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